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The Lodge

In the main house we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at set hours with a daily changing menu. Snacks are available throughout the day and so are drinks from our well stocked bar. There is a charming little livingroom with a crackeling fireplace, where you are welcome to spend the rainy days. For the sunny hours, enjoy our leisure veranda, surrounded by the mystic of the indigenous rain foress the veranda is the ideal place to relax and unwind. 

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Castel Forest-17.jpg

Our lodge kitchen has been called the coziest kitchen in Kenya. Even on the coldest of days, it's warm in here. Our loving staff is ready to make your stay all that you expected, from stacking up your cottage fire to preparing delicious three daily meals. Prepare to loosen the pants! 

Marieke Lensvelt_Castle Forest Lodge Sta

Castle Forest Lodge as an eco-tourism facility recognizes its responsibility towards maintaining the fragile ecological balance of its unique natural environment by actively seeking new opportunities to reduce consumption of energy, water and other natural resources. Whilst the entire power consumed at the lodge is generated by solar- and micro-hydro systems, we also make great effort to re-use or recycle materials and responsibly dispose of non-recyclable items where possible. 

In order to forward the benefits of the lodge’s operations to the direct neighborhood, it is a core mission of Castle Forest Lodge to secure both human resources and main supplies from the adjacent communities.Through the close and continuous cooperation with these communities in terms of quality assurance and training on the job the lodge adheres to an ethical business concept contributing to the sustainable development of the entire region.

The main house was built in 1910 with river stones and wood from the surrounding forest and rivers. It is told that both Queen Elizabeth and President Jomo Kenyatta visited Castle Forest Lodge when they were students. In 2000, Castle Forest Lodge was renovated to accommodate slightly over thirty guests. 

The main house in 2001, before renovations and the build of the veranda. 

Castle Forest Lodge Kenya  by Yuri Yabi

The house in 2018. 

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